Quantbot offers opportunities for students and recent graduates to experience working with skilled individuals. Below are the locations we are seeking interns.

London Internship


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New York Internship

New York

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Hong Kong Internship

Hong Kong

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Quotes From Former Interns

"Over the course of my one-month long internship at Quantbot I was given three data sets to evaluate in terms of both raw data quality and added value to the firm. This required thinking of ways to deal with sparse data, to best process the data for production and how to combine features to assess the value of the data based on simple models…. Coming straight out of a research group at university, I felt immediately at home in the collegial, all-pull-together environment that Quantbot offers — I didn't have to think twice to accept the offer to join full-time."

-Once an Intern, Now a Full-Time Employee

"I really like how the Quantbot internship program is individualized with a strong support system to help interns along the way. I was able to accomplish a lot over this summer with my supervisors' assistance, and liked that I had a lot of freedom with respect to the design and implementation of the things that I worked on. Also, I felt that interns are treated with much of the same respect as employees at Quantbot - a quality that really attracts me here and keeps me invested in the work I do."

-Former Intern at Quantbot

"I had many different projects that I was working on. I really liked how all of them involved different aspects of the company, so I got a little taste of everything. All the projects were engaging and interesting for me to do. I really liked the work I was doing and how much support I received while doing my projects whenever I needed help."

-Former Intern at Quantbot

"I appreciated that I got to work on a project that was actually helping the company rather than a useless, made-up project. It was interesting getting exposure to real data sets that Quantbot purchased, as I would never have access to such data without an internship like this. Seeing such data gives me insight into how Wall Street functions, which is a great experience to have so early in my career."

-Former Intern at Quantbot

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