Our POC (Proof Of Concept) setup caters to research professionals who have experience in quantitative finance and are interested in testing their investment ideas. The program is especially appealing to researchers who do not yet have a proven track record of profitable quantitative strategies in cash equities and electronic futures but want to explore and verify their proposals by utilizing a realistic simulation infrastructure.

For POC projects that meet performance targets, there is a path to possible advancement to other Quantbot programs such as our QMM setup or a position in one of our core research teams. In both setups, the POC is transformed from a proposal to a fully developed production strategy.

POC Consultants have the same access to Quantbot’s data mart as permanent employees and consultants. The Quantbot data mart provides a wide variety of clean and curated historic data sets that are readily available on the cloud, ranging from detailed market data to analyst recommendations and news feeds that can all be utilized to test the viability of a POC Consultant’s investment strategy. We also have collected a variety of global risk models and transaction cost data so that any strategy can be tested not only for alpha but also for implementation feasibility.

In addition to our data infrastructure, Quantbot provides a flexible cloud based computing platform with various development tools in a Linux environment, and a choice of languages such as R, Python or C++.

Quantbot has a long history of operating in global markets and thus testing investment proposals in most electronic exchanges is accomplished with ease.

After a POC proposal is accepted by Quantbot, the timelines for implementation are established. In exchange for the opportunity to discover qualified talent for the Quantbot team, Quantbot covers the costs related to the POC project.

Quantbot research, data, technology, and operations staff are readily available to offer help and guidance when requested, thereby enhancing the quality of the POC and speeding up its progress.

POC participants can easily work remotely from any location with internet access and, given that Quantbot has regional offices, still get help and input from its teams around the clock.

If interested, please send a short proposal and resume here.