Harness the Power of Global Markets

Explore the intricacies of quantitative investment strategies tailored for global markets.


Innovative Hedge Fund Strategies and Integrated Solutions

At Quantbot, we differentiate ourselves from other hedge funds through our unique approach and comprehensive services:

Global Footprint

We maintain a consistent presence in global cash equities and electronic futures markets.

Quantitative Methodologies

Our strategies are developed using rigorous backtesting processes, eliminating manual interventions in production testing.

Streamlined Business Process

Our proven business process enables us to swiftly assess new investment ideas while maintaining stringent controls over operational and investment risks.

Commitment to Research and Infrastructure

We invest in cutting-edge machine learning and cloud computing to continually refine our strategies and stay ahead of market trends.


Empowering Investors with Quantitative Expertise and Cutting-Edge Solutions

Idea Generation

Start with a basic strategy idea, such as in futures, and collaborate with our data team.

Data Analysis

Gain access to necessary data, partition it into in-sample and out-of-sample, and analyze its quality and outliers.

Code Development

Test the idea on the in-sample data using our development code, evaluating its performance against benchmarks.

Trading Logic and Risk Management

If the in-sample results meet expectations, further develop the strategy by implementing trading logic and risk management using our in-house backtesting platform.

Paper Trading and Testing

Deploy the strategy in paper trading mode, monitoring daily performance and comparing it with previous backtest results. Thoroughly test the strategy with support from our operations team, ensuring accuracy and identifying any biases.

Live Trading

Once all benchmarks are met, the strategy is ready for actual live trading.

Our Story

Taking a Quantum Leap in Investing

At Quantbot, we are driven by our passion for quantitative trading and our commitment to delivering exceptional investment solutions.

Founded during the financial crisis of 2008, our team of seasoned experts realized the unique edge we had developed through years of experience in quantitative strategies and cutting-edge technology. This realization propelled us to establish a custom-made setup dedicated to serving our clients’ needs.

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