Quantbot Multi-Manager (QMM) Setup

We provide a collaborative and supportive platform for experienced managers to run strategies and build alphas.


Our flexible environment allows QMMs to focus on developing their alphas, with the freedom to choose their tools and work location.


At Quantbot, you’re never alone – our global team is always ready to offer help and guidance.


QMM Setup

Our QMM setup is designed to cater to Portfolio Managers experienced in running strategies, building alphas, and attributing PnL when deployed in production.


Many of our QMMs have previously worked at larger firms but were dissatisfied with risk allocation, trading performance, or growth prospects for their strategies.


We specifically seek individuals with expertise in fully-automatic systematic trading and generating PnL based on such strategies.



Key Features of Our QMM Setup

Attracting talented portfolio managers is a priority for us, and we achieve this through our collaborative and supportive platform. Here are the key features of our QMM setup:

  • Support for data acquisition, processing, and cleansing.
  • Handling of daily operations and automated batch jobs.
  • Monitoring of production trading activities.
  • Global expansion opportunities in the US, EU, and AS markets.
  • Development of strategies in equities and futures.
  • Access to skilled in-house researchers proficient in portfolio optimization, trading systems, algorithms, data mining, and strategy analysis.
  • Expertise in high-performance computing for advanced research and analysis.
  • Free access to existing and new datasets across various markets.
  • Collaboration to incorporate new datasets when required.
  • Investment in a high-end computing grid with extensive storage and cloud-based computing resources.
  • Empowerment for QMMs to focus on developing alpha through independent research.
  • We prioritize the protection and retention of intellectual property, ensuring researchers and portfolio managers maintain ownership.
  • Help and guidance available upon request.
  • Proven improvement in QMMs’ return characteristics through incorporation of freely provided ideas.


What Sets Quantbot Apart

Flexibility and Fairness

  • Flexibility in computing platform tools and preferred programming languages (C++, R, Python)
  • Geographical flexibility with the option to work from any location
  • IP policies and non-competes designed to be fair
  • Co-ownership of IP developed at Quantbot and deployed strategies
  • Option for qualified QMMs to co-invest in a fund managed by Quantbot

Joint Venture Partnership

  • QMM model is a joint venture and partnership between the QMM and Quantbot.
  • Quantbot manages research, risk, trading, and all aspects of running a quant strategy
  • Commit capital for every PM’s strategy
  • Thorough interview process, term sheet, and employment agreement

Communication and Global Knowledge

  • Direct and constant communication channels open to various teams
  • Access to a global pool of knowledge while maintaining separate alpha implementation
  • Encourages QMMs’ success and creates a supportive environment

By offering a flexible, supportive, and collaborative platform, Quantbot empowers QMMs to excel in their roles, build successful strategies, and achieve their career aspirations.

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