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Quantbot Sponsors a New Generation of Quants

Just over a month ago the Master of Science in Computational Finance program at CMU were thrilled to unveil the new Large Classroom at their NYC campus, sponsored and named after Quantbot Technologies LP! We are thrilled to provide a new up-to-date space for students of the MSCF program for classes and videoconferencing. Along with classes, Quantbot Technologies will host seminars and networking opportunities in the new classroom in order to foster our relationship with prospective graduates and further our goal to advance quantitative studies. As stated in the CMU press release, "Quantbot’s contribution to the MSCF program symbolizes the organization’s belief in higher education and aligns with its broader mission to support society through improved quantitative finance." To learn more please click the link directly to the CMU press release:

BLOG INSIGHTS AND ANALYSIS Quantbot Insights Exploring the Intersection of Technology and Finance

Inaugural NYC CERN Alumni Meeting Hosted by Quantbot

Just over 30 years after receiving his PhD in nuclear physics from The European Organization for Nuclear Research, commonly known as CERN, our CEO, Michael Botlo, had the pleasure of co-organizing and hosting the first CERN-alumni meeting for the New York region. Former and present CERN researchers met at the Quantbot office on April 28 for a night of reminiscences, scientific discussions, and a live video link to the CERN accelerator control center. The highlight of the evening were speeches given by the featured speaker, Axel Drees, the head of the physics department at SUNY Stony Brook, and by Michi himself. As a whole it was an auspicious start to expand the CERN alumni network with the goal to increase job opportunities for scientific researchers and be a platform to support fundamental research . For further details and future NYC-area events, see

CERN researchers gather for alumni meeting in NYC